Recognising Your Employees Success with Awards

Recognising Your Employees Success with Awards

There’s a big difference between giving an award to an employee... and making an employee feel like he or she has received an award.

You’re on the right track by having a recognition/reward system in the first place - everyone wants to be reminded that he or she matters at the office. But unfortunately, giving an award isn’t foolproof in itself - if your recognition doesn't have any real substance, the employee won’t feel good about receiving it, and you have the potential to come off as “cheap” - or even slightly offensive.
Trophies are one of the best ways to solidify your awards and turn them into something real that employees truly appreciate receiving. If you’re interested in higher morale and lower turnover of staff, continue on...

Trophies vs. Cash and Monetary Gifts

It would be crazy of us to discourage you from giving out cash or nice gifts as a reward for a job well done. All employees will appreciate a bonus or a new gadget. But most of the time, those two things alone can’t be a real award - the thrill of receiving money or a material possession will wear off quickly.

Trophies give the employee something he or she can look back on in the future months and years to remember your recognition and the reason he or she received the award in the first place. You’ll connect on a deeper level with your employees, and they won’t forget the fact you care.

Trophies vs. A Pat on the Back

Verbal praise is great, but just like cash, those words will fade from the employee’s mind quickly.
Trophies are a way to make your kind words permanent. With us, you have the option to engrave trophies with any text you choose - so if you choose to engrave, trophies really are making your kind words permanent.
The best combination is a monetary reward, verbal recognition, and a trophy. Here, you hit on the three key aspects of recognition - real value, real gratitude, and a long-term effect on the employee who has done an exceptional job.

Uses for Recognition Trophies

  • Show real gratitude for long-term, dedicated employees - 5-year, 10-year, and 15-year milestones shouldn't be forgotten.
  • Make short-term awards feel more special - Sales targets met or a job well done -   a trophy gives the employee a sense of victory and accomplishment.
  • Put on friendly employee competitions - then get trophies for the winners and display them in a prominent area of the office.
The possibilities are endless - no one has ever disliked receiving a trophy, that’s for sure. 

It’s a Small Favour that has a Big Impact

Keeping employees happy and motivated is the ultimate managerial task - you should be using every tool possible. Assuming you’re a step ahead and you already have an employee recognition system in place, add in trophies to make your employees that much happier and dedicated to your company.
 Some of our popular Crystal and Glass Awards - perfect for individual awards.
Perpetual Presentation Awards - Perfect to display present and past winners of ongoing contests
Perpetual plaques and shields
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